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Brief intro to Parkinson's disease (PD)

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

Do you personally know someone with PD or have you heard about it through conversation or fund raising drives? Even if you haven't it is very likely that you'll know someone who has a personal experience with Parkinson's. A 2022 brief by the World Health Organisation (WHO) noted that the prevalence of PD worldwide has doubled in the last 25yrs with over 8.5 million people afflicted by the condition. In Australia alone, someone is diagnosed with PD every 40 minutes - with the number of those with the condition well over 215,000 as of last year. Some people may still think that Parkinson's is a condition that only affects the elderly with the main symptom being an uncontrollable shaking of the hands (otherwise know as tremor). However, this is not entirely true and in this blog series on PD we will highlight some of the lesser known symptoms and blue sky therapies that show some promise.

Join us in the next edition, where we will take a brief look at the beginnings and possible causes of this fast growing life-changing condition that is affecting more Aussies every year.

Before reading this blog, had you heard of or know anyone with Parkinson's disease?

  • Yes, I directly know someone with PD

  • Yes, I've heard of it but have never met anyone with PD

  • Yes, I was recently diagnosed

  • No, never heard of it

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