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Below are some common queries that we regularly encounter.


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  • How do I make an appointment?
    There are several ways to request an appointment with us: Phone (07) 3088 8035 Email (Subject: Name, type of appointment and funding (i.e NDIS, private, GP referral) Send us an enquiry form:
  • How long are consults?
    1. Initial Assessments: 45min (Private/CHSP/HCP/GP referral) 60mins (NDIS) 2. Follow up consult: (Private/CHSP/HCP/GP referral) 30min 45mins (Extended - 2 or more unrelated areas) (NDIS) 30/60mins (TBC after initial Assessment)
  • What are my payment options?
    Agency Plan Managers (CHSP & HCP) A monthly invoice will be sent on the last week of the month. NDIS Self/Plan Managed An invoice will be sent after each session. Private paying / Health Fund Rebate Bank transfer (Once an appointment has been booked - details will be provided) Visa/Mastercard enabled card over the phone (At the time of booking - card is verified but not charged) Via Paypal (Link will be sent with booking confirmation - Payment required before services delivered) GP Referral / Medicare rebated appointment (10960) Service will be charged at the full amount Payments can be made via Visa/Mastercard or Paypal link (Prior to service delivery) You can claim the rebate ($56 as of 2023) back online through your Medicare online account via My Gov or via the Medicare app Alternative options to claiming the rebate back can be found here
  • Can I claim private health rebates?
    Yes However, currently our therapists do not carry a HICAPS machine, so each consultation will need to be paid for in full. This is hopefully set to change this year as funds allow digital claiming of services. You can then use the provided receipt to make a claim from your private health fund in a number of ways: In person Over the phone Online Through an app Note: Each health fund is different and may not have all of the above claiming options available. Check with your fund before booking your appointment with us.
  • Do I need to provide parking?
    Yes, it would be helpful and will limit avoidable reductions in treatment/assessment time. Further parking information may be required: Where to park Internal gated complex map or directions Gated complex entry pass codes or call instructions Are there any parking fees or restrictions that need to be adhered to
  • Cancelling appointments
    Please call us on (07) 3088 8035 or send an email to (Please follow this email structure: Subject: Your name, which appointment needs to be cancelled, Body of email: Reason for cancellation) Private/CHSP/HCP: 24hrs notice required NDIS/GP referral: 48hrs notice required For cancellations outside of the above notice periods Quest Physio reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee as per the cancellation policy All cancellations are subject to our cancellation policies (Clause 6)
  • How much do sessions cost?
    In-Clinic (Chermside) 1. Initial Assessment: $130 (45min) - For private and GP referrals $180 (60min) - For NDIS participants and complex cases 2. Follow up consult: $105 (30min) $130 (45min) - For extended consults (2 or more unrelated areas) $180 (60min) - For NDIS participants and complex cases Mobile Physiotherapy services are charged as follows: 1. Initial Assessment: $150 (45min) - For private and GP referrals $180 (60min) + travel - For NDIS participants and complex cases 2. Follow up consult: $120 (30min) $140 (45min) - For extended consults (2 or more unrelated areas) $180 (60min) + travel - For NDIS participants and complex cases 3. Aged care agency rates are varied depending on brokerage arrangement. Please submit a referral form: 4. Work OH&S rates are varied depending on servicing time allotments, amount and types of pre-employment testing required, and breadth of reporting required. Please submit a referral form detailing requirements:
  • Do I have to pay travel charges?
    Yes. Our travel charge is worked out on a case by case basis and takes into consideration the number of kilometers our clinician will have to drive and the time associated with getting to you. Travel charges depend on the area (as per the modified monash model), can be charged up to a maximum of 30mins or 60mins - calculated at our standard hourly rate ($180/hr). There may also be charges for any tolls encountered or parking fees. Further conditions may apply if access to clients involve flights or driving distances over 1 hour, please discuss with our team if this may relate to you. Our mission is to deliver you services that you need in the most cost effective way possible.
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