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Physiotherapists Training


We are on a Quest to improve the quality and availability of mobile health services to the Australian community. We believe that health can be done better and in collaboration         with our clients in a way that fits their specific goals and needs. 

"Your health is Our priority!"


Our strong values ensure that we are constantly on the quest to improve and grow the quality and number of services we offer to our clients. We strive to put collaborative treatment, compassionate management and a 'People First' mindset at the forefront of all our decisions.

  1. People First: Our main goal is to make the health and wellbeing of our clients the number one priority. However, People First, also extends to our team of passionate health care providers - because a happy and supported team makes for high quality health care

  2. Quality: We strive to maintain quality in all aspects of our services. This is done via many methods including; self-education, consistent communication as a team, collaboration with our clients and their health team, review and implementation of client and staff feedback.

  3. Ethics and Integrity: We are subject to peer review and conduct our services in accordance with the standards of practice and code of ethics set by the Physiotherapy Board of Australia, as well as, AHPRA. 

  4. Confidentiality: All information we acquire during the course of our services is treated as strictly confidential and dealt with in accordance to our privacy policy.

Let’s Work Together to Build a Healthier Community

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